don’t trust anybody who compliments your smile. they just get off on seeing the little bits of skeleton poking out through your gums.  anybody who tells you you’ve got a nice smile is a certified skeleton fucker.

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it’s called fashion look it up


it’s called fashion look it up

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I…..i like….a boy. I am so weak

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are you gay or straight?




She’s dreaded this exam for weeks. She shivers at the thought. She sits down in class, and the teacher passes out the test. She looks at it with horror. Stumped on the first question.
“I am so _____ XD
A.) Funny
B.) Cool
C.) Random
D.) Silly”
“I think it’s C,” her friend whispers.
She nods and moves on to two.
“____ means I love you in dinosaur.
A.) Lol
B.) Grrr
C.) Omg
D.) Rawr”
She sighs. It’s going to be a long class. She sure hates Scene Kid 101.

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In some ways, the term “pansexual” came out of biphobia and a need to stipulate that one was not transphobic. If you take the binary view of “bisexual,” then a sexuality specific to an attraction to men and women could be seen as being noninclusive of transgender men and women. On the other hand, transgender men and women want to (and should) be seen as simply men and women, meaning that they would/should be included in that very binary; not including them tends to be much more phobic and noninclusive.

Then there is the thought that the binary view of bisexuality can be seen as phobic of anyone who identifies as genderqueer, or somewhere along the gender and sexuality spectrum, not identifying as male or female, man or woman. But, as I mentioned before, the true definition of “bisexual” is being attracted to those who are the same as me and those who are different from me, encompassing all genders and identities. The often-repeated argument that “bi means two” ignores a simple fact: “Same” and “different” are, indeed, two groups.

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